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Deildartunguhver is a powerful hot spring in Borgarfjörður, one of the largest hot springs in Europe, and the highest flow hot spring in Iceland. Drive along the ring road to the nearest town of Borgarnes and then around 30 minutes on highway 50, and you reach the hot spring and the geothermal baths Krauma right next to it. Just a little further up the road is Reykholt, the home of medieval scholar Snorri Sturluson, believed to be the possible author of some of the Icelandic sagas, possibly even Egil Saga. If you keep going on highway 518, which actually brings you fairly close to Langjökull glacier, you hit the breathtaking waterfalls of Hraunfossar in Hallmundarhraun lava field, close to the lava cave Víðgelmir.

Deildartunguhver, Iceland - June 18, 2018 Hot springs and people looking at hot water outside in summer with vapor steam rising from cave
Deildartunguhver, Iceland - June 18, 2018: Hot springs and people looking at hot water outside in summer with vapor steam rising from cave

On the other side of Deildartunguhver lies Snæfellsnes peninsula stretching out towards the west at the end of which rises the volcano Snæfellsjökull that Jules Verne used in his book Journey to the Center of the Earth. Going out on the peninsula is a full day tour but well worth since it is rather unique and beautiful part of west Iceland. The hot water here has created a little greenhouse community producing among other things tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. Sometimes there is a little shed with bags of vegetables and an honesty box right next to the hot spring. This is also an important source for the distribution of geothermal water in the area and in fact this is the hot water source not just for Borgarnes but also the town of Akranes some 64 kilometers to the south. There are also a few swimming pools in this area and they are well worth looking up since the geothermal water is absolutely wonderful to bathe in. In case you do the super jeep tour up to Langjokull glacier it would be great idea to plan a soak in one of those geothermal pools. There is one in Húsafell and right next to Deildartunguhver is Krauma, a nature bath focusing on the geothermal experience with hot tubs and steam baths. 

Deildartunguhver hot spring should be on the itinerary if you are visiting Borgarfjörður and it is quite conveniently located on the crossroads where you can either go further inland towards langjökull glacier or turn towards the ring road going north towards Akureyri. The area is worth a visit both summer and winter, in summer a particular species of fern grows around the hot spring and in winter ice chrystals often form around the steam. This is also another good location to wait for the northern lights during winter and if there is clear sky.

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